US Orienteering Team Trials, A Meet, and World Ranking Event, 04 May 2007–06 May 2007
by the Southern Michigan Orienteering Club and the US Orienteering Team

The Team for the World Orienteering Championships in Ukraine has been announced:

1. Samantha Saeger, NEOC
2. Pavlina Brautigam, WCOC
3. Viktoria Brautigam, WCOC
4. Hillary Saeger, NEOC
5. Sandra Zürcher, OLG Bern
Alternates: Suzanne Armstrong, OK Linné; Kris Beecroft, QOC

1. Boris Granovskiy, OK Linné
2. Eddie Bergeron, SVO
3. John Fredrickson, HVO
4. Eric Bone, Cascade OC
5. Clem McGrath, DVOA
Alternates: Wyatt Riley, DVOA; Ross Smith, CSU

Final Trials Scores
Two-Day A Meet Results
Photos: Day 1, Day 2 (Matthew Robbins), more Day 2 (Karin Gookin Didisse)


Results and Analysis
Confirmed Entry List, Start Times
Location, Directions, and Embargoed Areas
Maps and Terrain
Map and Course Notes
World Ranking Event
Team Trials
Contacts and Credits

Anyone can participate in the event. There will be a full course and age category structure offered, although with some twists. The World Ranking Event is open to all entrants in the M-21+ and F-21+ categories.

Results and Analysis

Final Trials scoring list, with insertions by the Review Panel
Friday (Day 1) Sprint results
Friday (Day 1) Sprint WinSplits by course
Friday (Day 1) Sprint WinSplits by category
Two-day (Days 2 and 3) combined results by course
Two-day (Days 2 and 3) combined results by category
Saturday (Day 2) Middle/Classic WinSplits by course
Saturday (Day 2) Middle/Classic WinSplits by category
Sunday (Day 3) IOF Long/Classic/WRE WinSplits by course
Sunday (Day 3) IOF Long/Classic/WRE WinSplits by category
AttackPoint analysis: Day 1 Blue/Red, Day 1 Green/Brown/Orange, Day 2 Blue/Green, Day 2 Red/Brown, Day 3 Blue, Day 3 Red, Day 3 Green X, Day 3 Green Y, Day 3 Brown
RouteGadget for all days

Confirmed Entry List

The following entries have been confirmed through online entry. See also the AttackPoint event calendar page.

Location, Directions, and Embargoed Areas

The closest airport is Detroit Metro—Wayne County.

Friday 04 May 2007: Haven Hill
The venue has been changed from the one previously announced, Spring Mill.

Saturday 05 May 2007: Peach Mountain

Sunday 06 May 2007: Pontiac Lake. Take Highland Rd. to Williams Lake Rd., turn north, and then follow orienteering signs.

The terrain of Stinchfield Woods (University of Michigan) and Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, as descibed under the links above, is embargoed until the event.

Suggested accommodations

1.  ConCorde Inn of Waterford
     7076 Highland Road
     Waterford, MI 48327
     +1 248 666 8555

2.  Best Western of Hartland
     10087 M-59
     Hartland, MI 48353
     +1 810 632 7177

There is camping at Pontiac Lake.


This schedule is preliminary and is subject to change.

Friday 04 May,    2 pm          First start, Day 1: Sprint
Saturday 05 May, 10 am          First start, Day 2: Middle/Classic
Sunday 06 May,    9 am          First start, Day 3: Long/Classic
                  1 pm          US Team named, Team meeting (open to the public),
                                and awards

Early registration packet pickup is at the VFW Post 9914 Hall, 3200 N. Duck Lake Rd., Highland, MI (about 1 mi. north of M-59) on Thursday 03 May from 5 pm until 9 pm. On competition days registration will be on site 90 minutes prior to the first start.


Electronic punching will be offered on all courses, all days.

All three days are sanctioned USOF class "A" events:

Day 3 is also a World Ranking Event in the category M-21+ on the Blue course, and in the category F-21+ on the Red course. All finishers in these categories will be eligible for World Ranking points, and there is no extra fee for the WRE besides the normal entry fee for the day.

There will be two-day total time awards for all categories, based on Days 2 and 3. There will also be separate WRE awards.

The maximum times are:
Blue, RedThe rest
Day 1:60 minutes
Day 2:120 minutes180 minutes
Day 3:240 minutes180 minutes
Runners who do not finish their courses under these time limits must report to the finish, and will not be placed.

Maps and Terrain

The terrain in Southern Michigan is glacial and its most distinctive characteristic is negative (concave) land forms. Most of the land is forested and the runnability varies a lot, from quite runnable to fight.

Compared to the World Championships in Ukraine, Michigan terrain in general has larger size relief features, the woods are less runnable, there are many more marshes and wetland, and the trail network is less developed and less regular.

Maps for the Sprint will be at 1:5000, contour interval 3 m, in regular (not ISSOM) symbols. Maps for the rest of the days will be at 1:10000. Maps will be produced on high-resolution (at least 1440×720 dots per inch) Epson inkjet printers with waterproof ink, and sealed into clear plastic cases of 100 µm thickness.

Preview maps are now available and can be ordered as a part of your registration. Each of the three maps is $5. The print quality is the same as for the competition, however symbols and colors may be further adjusted to match the standard. The version of each map is the one last used at a public orienteering event: Haven Hill, 2003; Peach Mountain, 2002; Pontiac Lake, 1995.

Map and Course Notes

Day 1, Friday 04 May: Sprint 1:5000, 3 m
Day 2, Saturday 05 May: Middle/Classic 1:10000, 5 m
Day 3, Sunday 06 May: IOF Long/Classic 1:10000, 3 m

No description sheets will be provided in advance; they will be handed out two minutes before the start, as required by the IOF Rules for the WRE. We implement this procedure for all categories on all days. The size of the description box is 5 mm.


Training is possible on the Silver Lake map, however the Silver Lake map is of very poor quality and not representative of the competition maps. Contact the registrar to obtain a copy of the map for $5.

World Ranking Event

Day 3 is sanctioned by the International Orienteering Federation as a World Ranking Event. All finishers in the category M-21+ on the Blue course, and in the category F-21+ on the Red course will be eligible for World Ranking points.

There will not be a random start draw for the WRE. Instead, the starts will be determined by US Team Trials rules as described below.

The Jury for the WRE (same as for USOF A meet purposes) is

Team Trials

All three days of this event serve as the United States Orienteering Team Trials for the World Championships, held in Ukraine on 18–26  August 2007. The rules for the 2007 Trials are very similar to those used for the 2006 Trials, with a few changes.

The Review Panel for the Trials has been approved by USOF VP for Competition. The Panel is Kris Beecroft, Peggy Dickison, Sandy Fillebrown, Bob Turbyfill, and Peter Gagarin. Alternates are Michael Eglinski and Jeff Watson.


The fees for entries received electronically on or after 05 April are $25 per day, with a $3 discount per day for members of USOF, COF, or another IOF member federation. The federation discount is $1.50 for juniors age 18 and less, and there are additional entry fee discounts for juniors ($5.00 per day) and adult full-time students ($3.50 per day). SportIdent e-sticks can be rented for $2 per day, and T-shirts are $12.

We are aware of payment problems with Google Checkout if your address is outside the United States. You may want to use a friend's US address. Bank cards with billing addresses in a wide variety of countries, including Canada and the Nordics, are accepted by Google. If you do not normally reside in the USA, it is possible to pay on arrival by cash or check.

Entries will be accepted until the event; however, we reserve the right to stop accepting them if the numbers become unmanageable or above permit quantities. This limit does not apply to Team Trials or WRE entrants.

Contacts and Credits

Southern Michigan Orienteering Club

Created: 20 February 2007
Last updated: 17 May 2007
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